Furnace Noise: Figuring Out What The Banging, Popping Or Clicking Sounds Mean

Furnace Noise: Figuring Out What The Banging, Popping Or Clicking Sounds MeanIn a forced air system, some furnace noise is normal and to be expected. But when they hear unusual bangs, pops, squeals or clicks, homeowners get worried—and with good reason! 

Certain furnace noises indicate certain problems. While some can be fixed during a routine maintenance visit, others are an early warning sign that your heating system is in need of more serious and potentially expensive repairs. How can you tell the difference? Start with this simple guide:

  • Banging noises: Over time, carbon can build up around the gas pipeline openings leading to your furnace’s burner. This creates a very small pocket where natural gas can collect while the furnace is starting up. When that gas pocket ignites, a bang is heard. Regular cleaning of the burner and the incoming gas jets will eliminate the problem and can be handled as part of a standard maintenance visit.
  • Popping noises: Homeowners sometimes notice a popping or banging sound when their furnace is running. In most cases, the noise originates in the ductwork and is caused by the expansion and contraction of the sheet metal as air moves through it. Although distressing to some homeowners, this type of noise is typically part of a furnace’s normal operation.
  • Clicking noises: A clicking noise is often created when the furnace’s flame sensor isn’t operating correctly. This sensor is designed to tell the furnace when the gas has ignited and is properly flowing to the burner. If dirty or corroded, the sensor will make a clicking sound. The solution? Have a certified technician determine whether a simple cleaning will suffice or if the sensor just needs to be replaced.
  • Squealing noises: Loose or worn blower belts result in a loud, squealing sound. Don’t delay—have them replaced immediately to avoid serious damage to the furnace.

After thirty-seven years of doing business in the Twin Cities area, there aren’t many furnace noises that we haven’t heard here at Marsh Heating & Air Conditioning . Take our advice—don’t wait until that little noise becomes a big problem. Contact our team of expert technicians today and let us get to the bottom of it for you!

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about furnaces and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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